Getting A Better Look At Cheap Senior Travel And Vacations | Travelling and Hotels

Seniors can look back on a productive life of hard work and child rearing and take justifiable pride in their accomplishments. They can also look ahead to having time to travel and see some of the sights they have been missing all those years. Because most seniors experience a reduction in income when they retire, it is necessary to look for cheap senior travel if they wish to enjoy all those senior vacations. That is the paradox most seniors face. They have the time but they lack the money to really see what they have been missing.

With some planning and a bit of homework, seniors can find a wide range of travel opportunities discounted to cater to the senior market. Amtrak, for example, offers a fifteen percent discount on fares to all seniors. Although Europe is a comparatively expensive destination, Eurostar offers a twenty-five percent discount on fares to seniors as do some other travel venues.Air travel also offers senior discounts. These may actually be less than other discounts, however. Airfares vary a lot by season and even days of the week. If you travel during the off-season, from mid-October to early March, for example, you can save a lot on airfare. There are also cruises, which cater to seniors. These will also be off-season, but fares can be quite reasonable especially if you search for group discounts. American Association of Retired Persons members, for examples, often qualify for extra discounts. Church groups do too and those discounts can supplement senior discounts.

The travel industry has long recognized that senior vacations are a growth market. They also realize the need for cheap senior travel. Always ask the hotel, airline, bus, restaurant, car rental agency you are using if they offer a senior discount. You will find that many do and it can save you a lot of money and add a lot to your travel opportunities.

Northern Michigan Exciting Travel and Vacation Ideas on a Budget | Travelling and Hotels

Northern Michigan is the perfect travel and vacation destination with something to offer for everyone: Golfing, fishing, hiking, boating and other water activities to name just a few. With so much to offer and so much to see, making your vacation plans could be complicated, and with travel expenses and the price of gas higher than in more recent years, getting the most for your vacation dollar is important.Choose Boyne FallsMaking Boyne Falls, Michigan your travel and vacation destination will give you and your family more things to see and do in Northern Michigan and save money.o    Boyne Falls is centrally located to hundreds of the most popular vacationing activities.o    Only 6 miles from Lake Charlevoix, offering free boat launching, with plenty of free parking right on the lake.

o    Minutes away from shopping, and dinning choices offering tasty burgers to exquisite fine dinning.o    Only 50 miles away from the Mackinaw Bridge.o    Home to the Annual Polish Festival held the First week of August.o    Boyne City Morel Mushroom festival.o    Close to dozens of Northern Michigan wineries.o    Enjoy golfing on some of the most popular courses in all of Michigan.o    Access to hiking, biking, fishing and almost endless possibilities of other fun and exciting things to see and do.The winter season is just as exciting and popular for your next vacation plan as well. Boyne Falls is located right next to Boyne Mountain and less than 30 minutes away from Nub’s Nob, and many other exciting snow skiing and winter sports locations. There is even hundreds of miles of action packed snowmobile trails that start in the Boyne Falls area.Comfortable Inexpensive LodgingThe focus of your vacation is going out and doing and seeing things, and the cost of lodging shouldn’t be a burden to your budget. By staying in Boyne Falls you can save hundreds of dollars on lodging, and get all of the creature comforts that those higher prices hotel chains offer at almost double the price. There are many local motels in the area that offer the same amenities as the more higher prices hotel and motel chains, but change up 60% less, and with savings like that you put that money back in your pocket where it belongs and have more money available to see and do more on your vacation!

The bottom line in planning your vacation is to get the most value for your money and open up your options for sightseeing, and just having more fun, and Boyne Falls can make all of that a reality for less money and offering more fun all at the same time!o    3 airports super close, with one right in town, one 6 miles away in Boyne City, and Pellston Regional Airport only 35 miles away serving many major airlines companies.o    Access to local rental cars, boats, jet skis, bicycles.o    A large variety of shops and stores for your convenience.o    Perfectly located to all of the areas more popular tourist, and sightseeing attractions.There is truly something for everyone in Boyne Falls. Isn’t it time you vacationed in Boyne Falls Michigan?